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We were referred to Karen by another attorney. Karen is very understanding, personable, intelligent and great at what she does. We couldn’t ask for a better person to help us through my husband adopting my son. Even on court day, she was interacting with our son as if she had known him for years. It’s always a bonus when your kiddo tells you “Karen was so nice mom she helped calm me down before we went in the court room !”
We were so lucky for this referral !!!

I want to thank you for the amount of professionalism, interpersonal insight, and expertise you brought to the legal process. I met with a couple of divorce attorneys before deciding on working with you, and what I found was that it seemed to benefit the lawyers by sparring and creating conflict in the divorce process. You, on the other hand, approached my situation in a holistic, simple, and hurt-free way. You worked with both of us amicably; you were available. You were fair and honored all persons involved while still representing my best interest. I cannot recommend what you do enough--thank you for doing it differently!