Domestic Abuse Charges

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you are entitled to a proper defense, and we will help you fight for your rights.

Broken glass

Everyone experiences arguments and fights in the home at one time or another, but no one should have to face criminal charges for a disagreement between themselves and another member in their home. Unfortunately, people sometimes allege domestic violence or abuse to "get the upper hand" in custody or divorce actions. If you have been served with a protection order, or are otherwise facing accusations of domestic violence, it is important to immediately hire an experienced attorney and file a request for hearing. In the meantime, follow the terms of the protection order!

A protection order can temporarily destroy your relationship with your children and effectively give sole custody to the child's other parent. You will not be able to go into your own home or even have unsupervised visitation with your children. A conviction on a domestic violence charge will result in a permanent criminal record and can affect your ability to hold a job or even rent an apartment.