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There is nothing more gratifying in the practice of law than doing adoptions; either by aiding birth parents place their child in a loving home, or helping the adoptive parents complete their family through adoption. Vervaecke Law and Mediation is experienced in representing both birth and adoptive parents. It is vital that all parties understand the rights and obligations before signing anything or even starting the process. We are experienced in helping same-sex parents adopt.

In addition to adopting a child that is not related by blood, stepparent adoption is very common. Grandparent adoption is not far behind. As with any adoption, the reasons behind it are as unique as the individuals involved. Adoption can be very contentious if one parent does not wish to relinquish parental rights. Regardless of whether you are seeking to adopt, place a child or if you want to dispute an adoption, you need to seek expert legal advice from Vervaecke Law and Mediation.

Vervaecke Law and Mediation is dedicated to being available to answer clients’ questions and address important legal concerns. To schedule an initial consultation with Karen please call 402-504-1818. You may also e-mail now now to request an appointment.