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Criminal Law

Every Stage of Criminal Proceedings

In criminal proceedings, the only person on your side is your attorney. Having a run-in with law enforcement can be a frightening and embarrassing experience. It may also place your future at great risk. Criminal allegations or a conviction can affect your career and employment, not to mention educational opportunities and your reputation as a whole. You may find that personal relationships are threatened or even destroyed.

Felony Criminal Charges

Felonies involve a property crime, theft, sex offense, drug crime, violent crime or other crimes against a person. When you are faced with felony charges, you need an experienced advocate to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly in court. A felony arrest is not to be ignored or just “hope for the best”. You are facing jail/prison time, fines, and loss of your liberty.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Any criminal allegation or arrest can result in serious penalties including jail time, fines, and a lasting criminal record. Whether you are under investigation, were recently arrested, or believe that you may be charged with a crime, it is never too early or too late to seek an experienced criminal defense attorney. As both a former Douglas County Public Defender and a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel in Federal Court, Karen L. Vervaecke has represented defendants at every stage of criminal proceedings in County, District and Federal court.

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