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Experienced and Trusted Legal Counsel in the Greater Omaha Area

Vervaecke Law and Mediation uses a client-centered approach based on identifying clients’ needs, goals and priorities. Karen is engaged in the general practice of law, concentrating on family law, mediation and criminal law. Her dedicated and professional staff provides individualized attention and assistance to clients at every stage of the legal process.

An Experienced Family Law Professional

Vervaecke Law and Mediation utilizes skill and experience to advocate for your rights and interests in court, but begins each case in search of an individualized solution that avoids the emotional stress and financial expense of a trial, if that is what is best for you. Karen uses knowledge, creativity and tenacity to help clients resolve family law issues ranging from the valuation and division of marital property in divorce to complex child custody and support matters. In Nebraska, approximately 95% of family law cases are settled without a trial so it is important to have a lawyer who understands the process and the emotions that are part of divorce or family law matters.

Whether through a mediated settlement or court order, Vervaecke Law and Mediation is committed to seeking a fair, equitable and dignified resolution to your divorce or family law conflict. Karen’s experience enables her to open communication and provide a measure of control to clients frustrated by the often emotional and chaotic environment of divorce.

Vervaecke Law and Mediation seeks to obtain a fair and just resolution to contentious issues in all family law matters in a straightforward manner. Karen encourages clients to look to the future and to plan for life after divorce. She has an extensive network of independent experts & child specialists, parenting consultants, financial advisors, real estate appraisers, counselors, and other family law specialists available to clients.

An Experienced Mediator and Arbitrator

The mediation process is becoming increasingly popular as a way of obtaining desired results, keeping control with the parties rather than placing their future in the hands of judge.

There are often benefits to pursing mediation instead of litigation, in many cases. These include: minimal exposure to the court system, no third-party agendas, substantially reduced costs, increased options, control over the process and outcome, mutually satisfactory results, reduced time, confidentiality, and reduced animosity and frustration. Vervaecke Law and Mediation has been mediating cases since 1993 in family law, civil matters and residential foreclosures.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

At Vervaecke Law and Mediation we defend your rights and strive to mitigate penalties and reduce the charges whenever possible. An arrest turns your world upside down. Karen clearly communicates to you what is happening in your case, and provides compassion, diligence and dedication.

Criminal allegations or arrests can result in serious penalties, including jail time, fines, and a lasting criminal record. Whether you are under investigation, were recently arrested, or believe that you may be charged with a crime, it is never too early to seek an experienced criminal defense attorney. As both a former Douglas County Public Defender and a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel in Federal Court, Karen L. Vervaecke has represented defendants at every stage of criminal proceedings in County, District and Federal courts.