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Felony Criminal Charges

There are a number of serious felony offenses on the books in Nebraska. When facing a felony accusation, your future is at risk; if you are convicted, your life will really never return to normal. Those who are classed as "convicted felons" have trouble getting work, getting loans, or even finding a place to live. In serious sex crime cases, you will be required to register as a sex offender with your picture and address available to anyone who cares to search for you.

In violent crime cases, Nebraska has harsh penalties and these penalties are increased for those who have a prior criminal record. Even enough DUI convictions can result in a felony charge if you are again arrested. Whether you are facing a felony drug offense, sex offense, violent crime or other felony, you need experienced legal counsel.

There are many aspects to felony charges that must be fully evaluated in order to determine how to proceed with your defense. A thorough review of all the evidence, including lab evidence, witness statements, police reports and other evidence must take place at once. Any questioning must be carefully managed and your rights protected in the process. Many have failed to stay silent and have created problems in their own defense case. The Law Office of Karen L. Vervaecke advise you strongly to stay silent, including to a cell mate, friend or friendly law enforcement officer. You jeopardize your own case if you talk about the situation without legal representation.

For young people charged with a felony, it is an urgent matter that their case remain in juvenile court if at all possible. The prosecution often begins this process early, and fighting to keep the case in juvenile court can be critical for the future of the young person.