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Child Custody

Child Custody

A divorce can be devastating for a child. It goes without saying both parties need to take all steps necessary to reduce conflict and keep the children out of the middle of their issues.  If the parents cannot come to an agreement regarding the issues involving the children, the court will establish a custody  order at the Court's discretion. By statute, The court will consider the best interests of the minor children, including: The relationship of the minor child to each parent; The desires and wishes of the minor child, when such desires and wishes are based on sound reasoning; the general health, welfare, and social behavior of the minor child; and credible evidence of abuse inflicted on any family or household member.

Custody fights are expensive, time-consuming and emotionally devastating for all parties, and most of all, the children.  It is critical  you have an experienced, caring attorney who can and will counsel you every step of the way keeping the best interest of your children first and foremost. The Law Office of Karen L. Vervaecke is dedicated to protecting your children and you.

Nebraska Parenting Act

The Nebraska Parenting Act requires any parent with minor children involved in separation, divorce, modification, paternity or any other action involving visitation, to do the following:

  • Create a parenting plan for court approval;
  • Attend a parenting education class;
  • Participate in mediation if they or the attorneys involved are unable to negotiate a court approved parenting plan..

Your district court clerk or county courthouse can provide you with a list of approved parenting classes in your area. You can also find information at the Nebraska Supreme Court Website. Both parties must complete the Parenting Class and file a certificate of completion with the Court.


A good faith attempt at mediating a Parenting Plan is mandatory in all cases that fall under the Parenting Act if the parties are unable to create a court approved Parenting Plan on their own or with the help of their lawyers.

Mediation is a process during which a neutral, trained Parenting Act mediator works with you and your spouse informally to assist you in creating a parenting plan. This process can be very beneficial in helping the parties function better as parents.  Specialized mediation is available for relationships involving domestic violence.